Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bablock Hythe

We've travelled 7.51 miles today, and passed through 2 oldskool hand operated locks, Eynsham and Pinkhill.

Deploy the Chaspole!Deployed the Chaspole, with our Devon pennant stuck on the end, which I'm pretty sure, saved us from being rammed by a couple of plastic cruisers who were speeding wayyyy too fast around the bends. Thanks for the tip, Roy.

Passed Sue & Vic (nb 'No Problem') and gave them a wave.

Shortly afterwards we avoided what looked like a certain collision, by ramming on "Full Astern", and hoping for the best. A narrowboat had seriously oversteered around a bend to avoid a canoeist, and was heading straight for us! Thankfully, he managed to straighten himself up in time, so neither of us ended up in the trees and bushes. Then we passed through some very winding bends, and some beautifully picturesque countryside, before mooring ourselves up at "The Ferry Inn", by Bablock Hythe.

Bablock Hythe Mooring

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