Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Sue & Alan (Mv 'Latitude') popped around for a coffee, and to berate me for not updating our blog in three days. Not much to report, really. Abingdon is unique, on the thames, i think. It's got a relaxed attitude towards boats stopping for "more days than 5". Which as I've noted previously, is very kind and generous of them. Their reasoning, so i've been told, is that boaters will spend money in the local shops, which will help the town economy. A common sense approach?! In England?! Unheard of. In comparison, other towns seem much more uptight.

Abingdon isn't 100% idiot free, though. Standing at the non enclosed bus stop and enjoying a roll up as I said goodbye to Sheena, a nicotine nazi loudly complained about us "smoking in a bus shelter", as she barged an elderly gentleman (who was unbothered) out of her way. Before I had a chance to respond, "Madam, second hand smoke has NEVER been proven to cause cancer, by anyone, ever.", she was sat glowering at us from the smokefree(tm) interior of her bus.

So, what else have I been up to? Remarkably little, actually. Which is great. Went for a nice stroll through the meadows with Sumo. And when I watched the evening news, it's cavalcade of fools & idiots, didn't bother me in the slightest.

Miles and miles and miles of meadow to 'dog walk' in, and it's not fenced off to within an inch of the thames path, like in other towns. It really is beautiful here.

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