Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dogs and Pubs

Dog Friendly PubWe received a comment from Lesley on Narrowboat 'Caxton' yesterday. And it raises an important issue for dog owners, which I feel deserves it's own post..

>> we tend to judge Pubs by their welcome to dogs, it's a good a scale as any I guess

Same here. If he's not welcome, I don't wish to patronise their establishment. Partly my own choice, and partly, the fact that they won't even let us over their threshold. When we do find a place that lets him in, invariably the regulars all love him. He just sits there and rests his head on their knees or feet, soaking up all the attention.

Good point though. There must be other dog/boat owners out there, wondering where they can go together. So, I'll continue to document places where we've been welcomed and turned away. And I hope you will too. I know we can already google 'dog friendly pubs', but it would be good to have a list that is boater specific.

Other boaters, please feel free to post comments on dog friendly establishments. If there are enough, I'll start up a seperate page. I'm not a big drinker, just the occasional pint. But it's very frustrating, looking forward to a nice cool drink all day, and then being refused admittance, because the place has a cat, or it's turned itself into a gastropub.


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  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2011

    "The Punter" ~ East Street moorings, Oxford.

    Dogs are positvely WELCOMED. despite the pub having been turned into an eatery recently. A few black looks from folk eating their lunch. But the barstaff fed Sumo biscuits.