Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday

We cruised up from Wallingford to Dorchester this morning, so I could have a wander around the Wittenham Clumps. It was a bit grey, misty and overcast by the time we got there, but the climb was well worth the effort.

4 plastic yachts incurred the wrath of Sheena at Day's lock, when they didn't say thankyou to her for doing the gates. They then whizzed off and pinched the meadow mooring spots, so they could lunch. I met a bunch of ignorant weebles at the top of the clumps, too. They were the type of people who will turn their back to you, rather than say "hello", or even acknowledge your existence. City folks, I guess.

Nevermind. We are tucked up and warm, with Roast Chicken for tea. Stuff 'em. Happy Easter, everyone. I know times are hard, and everybody is feeling the squeeze. But there's no need to lose sight of your humanity.

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