Saturday, 14 April 2012


Today, I discovered that taking a perpetually hungry labrador to view a bun throwing competition wasn't a very good idea. Sumo ended up scoffing three of them. The last of which, he snatched out of an unwary child's hand. Thankfully, the judges gave him another one, when he said "a dog ate it".

Virgin Balloon flights are popular. They drift really low across the river, and land in the meadow next to the narrowboats.

Good throw, Sir!

Abingdon's Town Crier enjoying a pint. "People are weird", said the bloke on his left. Forgetting, that he was standing next to a man carrying a bell, and dressed in a long green frock coat.

Sumo calculating the bun trajectories.


  1. did you do any bun throwing? Regarding the people are weird, not only is he standing next to a man in fancy dress, he is at a bun throwing contest! Weird and wonderful.

  2. Hi Graham. No, i didn't partake, because whenever i chuck stuff, Sumo feels compelled to chase after it.

    Besides, the competition was stiff. People were slinging them for miles! Very impressive.

    it was all very quaint, family orientated, and whimsical. yeah.. weird, and wonderful, too. glad i went to see it. :)


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