Saturday, 7 April 2012


We've done about 7 miles today. Travelling up to Abingdon, from Dorchester. Passing through Clifton, and Culham locks. Not as busy as we thought it would be. And plenty of places to moor, when we got here.

Not our most favourite reach of the river, because you're confronted with Didcot power station from a variety of ever-so-slightly different viewpoints along the way. All of which are pretty ugly.

At Culham lock, we discovered Roy living in our chimney!

I was holding ropes at the blunt end, and didn't catch all of the conversation, but Sheena tells me that he and Sue are transporting 'baglady' over to Ireland with a lowloader. Roy's been on the Thames for so many years, he doesn't find it interesting anymore. And he doesn't even bother to look out of the windows of his wheelhouse. We'll miss seeing them about, but glad to hear they'll still be enjoying their barge.

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