Sunday, 7 August 2011


Lovely Boating Weather!

Lovely boating weatherFriday, we stayed at Bourne End, where we were fortunate enough to get a spot just 20 paces from 'The Bounty' pub. A perfect opportunity for a few pints, catching up with gossip, and bumping into old friends.

Saturday, there was a large queue getting through Boulters lock. The sun beamed down on us for two hours, while we waited for over a dozen boats to work their way through it. The temper fuses of the inconvenienced cruiser owners were extremely short. And not helped by a snide and bitchy group of Americans on a hireboat. Some poor sod queue jumped, which nearly lead to fisticuffs. Us? We weren't in a rush, so it wasn't really a problem for us. Got a nice mooring just below the Brunel bridge at Maidenhead. As everybody else, zoomed off down to the next lock, to repeat the same process all over again.

On sunday, we cruised down through Bray, to Windsor, in alternating sunshine and downpours. We'd just got through Bray lock, when it heaved it down with rain, and there was a thunderstorm directly overhead. People in canopied cruisers offered me looks of commiseration for having to steer by tiller, out in the rain. But I loved every single minute of it.

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