Sunday, 21 August 2011


Moored at MaidenheadWe're enjoying a couple of days stopover in Maidenhead, because the river is heaving with people showing off their wealth at the weekends.

List to PortDid an overnight at Dorney lake, but despite the heavy rain, the river level dropped overnight, and left us lumbered with a significant list to port. We were grounded on some submerged sandbags filled with concrete, and no amount of reversing would budge us off of them. Two blokes on m/v "Minus 13" took pity on us, and helped us wobble ourselves free. Cheers guys..

From there, we were going to travel down to Windsor, to top up supplies, but there was a queue of over 20 boats lined up to get into Boveney lock, and we couldn't be arsed with the wait (or the aggrieved whinging from the inconvenienced). Nobody was travelling upstream, so that seemed the most logical direction to head off in.

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