Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Temple Mill

Cardboard CastleSaid goodbye to our friends at Bourne End, and set off in the afternoon sunshine. Travelled up past the 'Cardboard Castle', through Marlow lock, to tie up alongside Higginson park, while we got some supplies.

It was very busy, again. And noisy, with people running their generators. But, we were lucky and found ourselves a space. Belly of Pork procured, we then set off for the peace and quiet of the free 24 hour Temple Lock mooring, which we were delighted to find was completely deserted. Don't mind sharing at all, there's space for two full size boats here. But it's always nice to have the place to yourself, with just the white noise of the weir for a soundtrack. Always get a good night's sleep here.

Temple Lock MooringsWe're hoping to make it up to Wargrave tomorrow, without stopping at Remenham or Henley. Because as soon as you set foot on land there, the bloke will be knocking for his mooring fees. We've heard people moaning about him up and down the river, and neither of us want to make him any richer. Remenham is a lovely spot, but there are equally nice places to stop, just a short journey upstream.


  1. We kept that mooring warm for you while we were there overnight after passing you at Bourne!


  2. Cheers for that, Sue. :) noticed that somebody had strimmed a nice new path up through the nettles, and guessed it was probably you and Vic.

    glad your trip to the Wey went well.
    Regards to Vic. and much fuss for the girls.



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