Monday, 28 September 2015

No Trolls

Sloooowly does it....

Snug and Comfy

All of the moorings above Days lock were completely stuffed when we came through on saturday. Well, it was late afternoon, and we should probably have known better. Maybe we will be able to get on there next year...

Thanks to Brian (Nb Harnser) for pointing out that we can moor just around the corner, on the mouth of the River Thame. A really snug and comfy fit under the bridge. Sometimes, being only 53ft has it's definite advantages. Had a great night's sleep, undisturbed by any trolls. Something of a novelty too. Had our picture taken so many times. I guess it's unusual to see a boat here..


  1. I put NP there once! There were a lot of boats out at the weekend it was such lovely weather I think they all got their boats out of the marinas for a last hurrah!

    See you tomorrow but we might moor on visitor moorings as Sir has done his back in once again and is struggling walking

  2. Lovely to see you again, as always Sue. Sorry I missed out on the offer of a pint. Hopefully next year. Glad to see that you managed to sort yourself a spot at Day's lock. Lucky lucky you.