Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Boathouse at Wallingford - Photoshop filtered

Big pile of BBC propaganda

Bryn is innocent!

Poor Tigger

Cruising Stations

We all like Wallingford

Things get a whole lot easier for us now that the sun has gone in. We can cruise at tickover without getting bumrushed. And there are plenty of mooring spots to go around. We're slowly heading downstream, with the intention of meeting up with Floyd and Fletcher (and of course, Lesley and Joe) on Nb Yarwood.

Olly's started to lose his puppy teeth (hooray!). Unfortunately, he seems to be allergic to bridges. Big ones, small ones... he baulks... and has to be picked up. Not sure how we are going to cure that one. A pocketful of treats, I suppose.

We've been tucked up at the Wallingford fishing holes for a couple of days. The meadow walks are spectacular, and fenced in. So, safe, to let Olly off lead to run around like an idiot. The low bank has also afforded an opportunity for painting our scruffy side. It's all been very relaxing. Think this is my favourite time of year. A nice fire in the evenings, too. What more could a person ask for.

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