Thursday, 27 August 2015

Another Victim...

The Abingdon Crocodile

Dead Pantomime Horse

Can I eat it?

Comfy Chaps


  1. Just spotted Dogma out at Abingdon - reminded me to check the blog, read a few posts. Great to see you! Thanks for blogging - Gail (aboard Charlie Boy)

  2. Hi Gail. Sorry you saw our scruffy side. Benefit of being on the lock landing has been the opportunity to slap some paint and blacking around. :). We've just got back for Eynsham. Went up there for the peace and quiet, but ended up getting bumrushed by narrowboaters in a hurry. Will probably try again, now that the schools have reopened.

  3. Ps.... Comment system wouldn't let me say..... "Thanks for the comment... Hope you have a nice cruise". Cheers.....