Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Runsford Hole

It is still very busy on these reaches, with more narrowboats, widebeams and dutch barges than we've ever seen. Though we have been lucky, and found ourselves a nice couple of delightfully quiet corners to tuck ourselves up in. The cooler, grey, slightly overcast and pizzly weather that we've been experiencing has been some kind of blessing. It's kept the bug count down, and we haven't overheated indoors. Cruising with a slight breeze has also been very pleasant. More comfortable than being scorched every day, for sure (not that I mind that, occasionally). So far, we haven't had to put up with any generators. No noisy neighbours. Nobody has banged on the roof for money. The dog walks have been great. We are all feeling pretty good..

Beale Park
Olly has discovered that his little legs are now long enough to climb up onto the King seat...

Olly is Comfy
Sheena snapped these this afternoon..
A young doe and stag, swimming across the river to a nature reserve...

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