Sunday, 23 August 2015

Thames Doggy

Not something you see every day

The chap swimming in front of the giant pink inflatable dog is doing the length of the Thames to raise money and awareness for Stem Cell research. Good luck to him. Swimming in the Thames is not something I would attempt personally though. We know what happens to the contents of the 'people who overstay' cassette toilets. Splosh.

But having just read a book on the subject ("Downstream") I find freeswimming (and it's associated historical perspective) very interesting. Especially how many of it's female champions and medal winners have been completely airbrushed out of history (hint: all of them). He's attempting to swim right down to Tower Bridge. Where presumably, the PLA won't let him go any further. If you've even a remotely passing interest in the subject, the book "Downstream" is highly recommended (though it can be a bit 'dry' in places... Paradoxically).

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently. We've been enjoying the summer and watching Little Olly grow up. Met some nice people. But seen an increase in the number of rude, grumpy idiots too. This occasionally sours the joy of living on the river. The beauty of it is though, we can pull the pins and bugger off out into the wild.

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  1. Hi son I've been following you blogs and it seems like you Sheena and the boys are having the time of your lives, keep it up, lo9ve dad & Lesleyann.