Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Pants on Fire

"We're going to Oxford", said the narrowboat who we let go first out of Culham lock. Only for us to discover them tied up in Abingdon an hour later. My trouble is that I'm too nice. And far too gullible. Still, they'd only have passed us at full steam ahead in their rush to get a place there. So at least we avoided their foot high bow wave and enjoyed our own leisurely bimble, at our own pace. We saw 4 kingfishers, a deer, and two dragonflies. They probably saw bugger all, because it was all going by in a blur.

Still avoiding the summer hordes.
Mooring fees paid: 0 pence.
Generators on towpath: 0

Our journey downstream to Hampton Court and back to Bourne End consumed a grand total of 40 litres of diesel. We ran the engine for an hour a day when we didn't move, too. I am quite happy with our slow pace and economical fuel usage.

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