Monday, 3 August 2015

Tiller Time

I cruised through Henley with bare feet *and* logs on the roof. It's been ridiculously busy and we have had to put in quite a few extra hours at the tiller because all of our normal resting spots have been occupied. We're currently at Reading, aiming for the peace and quiet of Beale park tonight. Then eventually up past Osney bridge, where we can leave the massive speeding boats and their foot high bow waves behind. I guess more people are staying at home this year. For obvious reasons.

Bad Olly

The guys @ Hampton Court

We all enjoyed Cliveden woods

Hurley Reach

Madness at Hambledon Lock

Too many Geese @ Henley

Jazzband with Tuba and Trombone

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  1. Olly don't listen to him! You are not bad you are adorable!