Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Goodbye Surrey

Ack.... A well dressed woman brought her two little dogs down to the river. They dumped right beside our boat (while she watched). Then she buggered off, without picking up after them. Just another typical tale of a day in Surrey. We've met some nice people on our journey downstream this year. But a large amount of inconsiderate and grumpy automatons too. If you ever feel the need to hone your "ignore people and look through them like a sheet of glass" skills... get yourself down to Surrey.... they are experts in the art.

So now we are making the long haul upstream, past the royal estate (where ordinary people like your or I are forbidden to land) and on to Windsor. Where we will not be stopping, because we don't wish to get pounced on and robbed again.

I can understand people's frustrations with the incompetent buffoons who rule and administer our once proud nation, while it crumbles away into nothing more than an absurd joke. But to take it out on each other, is inexcusable (I feel). As the Discordians say: "Don't blame me, man. I didn't do it".

The 'big dogs' bed

Little Ols ~ 16 weeks

Sooooo Comfy

As close as we got
London ran out of water. awwww, poor London. So Thames Water nicked 5 inches off of the river. Which caused us to run aground at Chertsey. So shallow and full of discarded crap, that a duck could stand up in it. The only mooring with any depth was already taken by the time we got there. Maybe next time...

Shepperton Lock garden

Penton Hook lock garden (I think).

Big ass trip boat

Dusk at Runnymede
Two friendly narrowboaters helped us to tie up here, though no help was really necessary. It was nice to see some smiling human beings again. The jets were noticeably absent for most of last night, so it was relatively peaceful. On our way down to Staines this morning (to stock up with supplies and razor blades), we shared Bell Weir lock with Sue and Vic :- No Problem. Nice to see them again too.

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