Monday, 20 July 2015

Right Royal Swindle

Arrrrgghhh.... Excuse me, but I have to get this out of the way first...

Weasel Words
We'd only been in Windsor 30 minutes, before the bloke popped out of the bushes, gave me a ticket, and charged us eight quid. He started on his "The sign clearly says....madam" bullshit to Sheena, and I was so 'kin livid, I had to go inside while he robbed us. On our way through Marlow, the signs on Higginson park have been amended to read only *overnight* moorings are charged. To ask (more like demand) people to stump up the full price, when they are going to be there for less than an hour, really left a bitter taste in the mouth. So Windsor, you are another place that can kiss our waterborne ass. Shameful, really shameful of you.

Olly's Daybed (note the apt headline)

On a lighter, and much happier note, we bimbled our way down through the Bourne End reach, and plonked ourselves on a nice mooring alongside the Cliveden estate for saturday evening. Sunshine, no current, and hardly any grumpy people on other boats. Well, 4 boatloads of landlubbers in their very expensive plastic cut us up, and ignored us, while racing to get into Boulters lock. But apart from that, it was all very pleasant.

"Bugger, there's somebody on it....", we said, as we reached the Dorney lake corner, we'd been hoping for next. But, it turned out to be Sue & Vic No Problem, and they graciously let us berth up next to them for Sunday night. Everywhere else was completely stuffed that evening (presumably, because of the moneygrubbing going on down in Windsor?). Enjoyed a lovely fireside chat and a beer with the pair of them. Sue pointed out a gem of a fruit tree too. So we all went scrumping.

Olly longlegs behaved pretty well, considering he was only 15 weeks old yesterday. But, this morning, Bryn let the side down by sneaking into our neighbour's boat, and helping himself to the remainder of Penny's breakfast.

Wooden Horse

Not impressed with Windsor

Swan Uppers

Press boat

A sneaky tow
This evening, we're on the 24 hour free moorings at the Runnymede pleasure grounds. Flight plan 'B' must be in force, because the planes are flying quite high tonight. The journey down here was easy going enough, if a little grey and overcast. As we get closer to london and surrey, it's noticable how many more miserable people with blank stares we are seeing.


  1. Yes great weekend you two!

    I was flaming mad when I read your note about what that warden had done. You can read about it later on the blog.

    So you are round the corner are you? We will be there tomorrow morning to collect a Tesco, hope you are still there!

  2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2015

    I've filmed the swan upping from the press boat in previous years - a great day out! Sadly not this year, though.


  3. @Alistair Sorry to have missed you while we were at Abingdon. Have you been working? Hope to make it back up there again, before the end of summer. Always welcome onboard for a cuppa.

    @Sue no, they charge around the corner. and everywhere. matey has a little tender that he can go and rob everybody with. so we won't be stopping in Windsor again. could have stayed 24 hours after we'd paid, but it was the nasty way he virtually demanded the money, made us want to move on.