Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bacon Rolls in Clifton Hampden

Culham Meadows

My Grandmother loved poppies
Tickover ~ No rush or hurry

Clifton lock cut

Olly in his House

Bryn's cruising station

In Clifton Lock

The only tiled roof in a thatched village
Well worth a wander


  1. And the Bacon Rolls.... ??? LOL

  2. Sorry Kevin. We'd scoffed them before they could be photographed. :)

  3. Hi you two,
    Just doing a bit of blog catching up. We found the best places for free mooring were in the trees, just as you have said--but then we've never been part of the shiny boat brigade either!

    It's lovely to see Sheena there with you now, and as always we throughly enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Hi Jaq. Lovely to hear from you. Hope you and Les are well. There has been quite a bit of growth recently, and no cutting back, due to the cutting back. We're not large (at 53ft), but some places it's a real squeeze for us to fit into, where they used to be "quite comfy". Still.. free is free, and there is no better feeling. regards..