Friday, 10 July 2015


Haha, look at all the poor boat people!
(comment from yoot on towpath)

Olly likes Abingdon

Managed to find ourselves a nice quiet spot below the lock at Abingdon, and make the most of it's very generous 5 days free mooring policy. We were able to step on and off the boat easily there, which made oiking Olly out every 28.5 minutes that much simpler. He loves water. Looking at it. Drinking way too much of it. And splashing about in it. He detests coffee though. Recoiling in comical horror whenever he gets a sniff.

On friday evening, a bare chested drunken gentleman jumped onto our back deck, with the intention of pinching our ensign (he'd inadvisably and inadvertently announced...."I'm gonna nick that 'kin flag"). Bryn saw him and went ballistic. And he soon buggered off.

Unfortunately, I've dropped our wireless router into the sink. Which was predictably.... full of washing up water. It's happened before, and everything dried out fine. This time, however, it's not happy at all, and refusing to function. I'm back to "dongle in the window" mode until we can get a replacement.

Oh, and EA pump out machines have gone up to ten english pounds. It would be nice to think the extra money would be put back into doing some dredging, cutting back overhanging trees or removing the fallen ones. But, apparently, the increase is for 'the sake of convenience'. *rolls eyes*

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