Friday, 17 July 2015

Olly likes Blackberries

We've been heading downstream for a couple of days, aiming to pick up some internet dog munch at Bourne End. Hopefully, our new router too. The weather has been kind to us. And the Henley regatta and festivals are over, which made for pretty easy going cruising all the way down. Saw Andy & Sue's Festina Lente on the Henley park moorings, but nobody was home. The majority of river traffic was heading upstream, to the 'Traditional Boat' festival on the meadows of Henley. My favourite was the Anglo Saxon canoe, bedecked with crayfishing pots. Can't get more traditional than that.

Sonning Lock
I haven't seen the lock gardens of the upper reaches yet this year, but Sonning lock has been my favourite so far. Marlow has some quite impressive spherical topiary, but it doesn't match the sights and smells of Sonning. It was a real pleasure to go through there in the sunshine. Sadly, our mate Chas wasn't at home on his boat, so no opportunity for a beer and a catch up this time.

Shiplake College mooring
Wehey! Unbelievably, it was vacant again. Jumped at the chance of stopping here, because it is so very quiet and peaceful. The view around the bend is superb at dusk. The bats come out, and a swan lazily drifts by. Definitely one of our favourites. I read in a book, "Downstream" (a history of swimming in the river Thames), that the actress Margeret Rutherford taught Anthony Worrall-Thomson to swim from the meadow beaches here. Sheena said that fact was "Quite interesting", so I'll pass it on. The book is worth a read, too. So many facilities "for the benefit and health of the general public" have vanished, and been sold on, over the years.  Olly and Bryn certainly enjoyed themselves, splashing about like idiots.

Shiplake lock camping site
Some fragrant blooms I got the chance to sniff, before heading through Shiplake lock.

'The Boss' @ Shiplake lock

Just needed a Bond villain.

MTB 102 ~ Enroute to Henley
Nice to see one on the Thames, replete with it's original tubes. The shed where they used to make them, is on the island at Molesey. The doors have heritage status, because they are the largest surviving folding concertina type. The island was recently sold for 9 million and some redevelopment will be taking place. So I hope they continue to survive.

Olly is getting bigger

Knackered Bryn

Currently moored on the 24 hour moorings downstream at Temple lock. Not advertised by sign. And the mooring stumps are obscured by weeds. But it is a very peaceful place to stay for a night, and we always enjoy it here.


  1. Shame we missed you again.

  2. Did you have a nice time in Henley? It was completely stuffed when we passed through. Narrow boats seemed all clustered down around Remenham.