Sunday, 26 July 2015

Madness at Molesey

Molesey Lock ~ Saturday Morning Madness
It was stupidly busy. No moorings from Walton on down. The most popular spots, occupied by boats which don't appear to have moved since last season. Thankfully, most of these folk in Molesey lock seemed anxious to get to London in a hurry, so they didn't pull in at Hampton court. Apart from the narrowboat in front, who plonked himself in the middle of two boat spaces, and got the hump when we asked him to move up a ring, so that we could get in.

We saw very little narrowboat camaraderie at Hampton court, apart from Widebeam "Still Rockin". Carol and George introduced themselves while we were mooring up, and graciously offered Sheena a guided tour. We've often seen them bimbling about with their former narrowboat "Rock 'n' Roll", and it was nice to finally meet them in person. (my turn for the tour next time.... I was on dogwatch duty).

Boats: 3  Herbsmoking teens: 20+
Bravo, Spelthorne council. Your no mooring initiative has (almost) been a resounding success. The skunky spliff smoking area you most thoughtfully provided for your towns teenagers has gone down very well indeed. And I bet the town's business folk have just loved their loss in passing boat trade. Congratulations!

Bryndle and Sheena

A Grey Day in Surrey
Extremely lucky to get on LLL twice! But this stretch of the river is just "too busy" for us, at the moment. School holidays are not a wise or nice time to visit. Olly only needs short walks. The 'full steam ahead' passing tripboats rocked us about ridiculously, as the did the 'folks having fun'. We've turned around and are going to head back to the more sedate pastures of upstream.

Not the friendliest bunch of folks down here, either. As a rough guesstimate... you'll get approximately 2 hellos, and 8 blank and vacant stares returned out of 10.

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