Saturday, 26 September 2015

Thames Treasures

Sheena's latest haul
 We found a dredged spoil heap. Which has been supplying Sheena with many an afternoon's amateur archeological entertainment. It's fun and fascinating to imagine how these artifacts ended up in the river. Where they deliberately thrown? Or did they fall overboard? No Saxon horde this year. But we will keep looking..

Misty morning at Abingdon Lock

I enjoy this time of year immensely. There is still no flow on the river. The going is easy. And there are plenty of moorings to go around. 99% of the ignorant 'in a hurry' folk have buggered off back to wherever it is that they came from. So, it really is quite peaceful out and about. It's also been good that Sheena has been able to enjoy a whole summer with us. Naturally, we miss Nora (Sheena's mum) and Sumo (our previous lab) very much. But we are also enjoying our new life chapter together.

4 in a bed
 Bryn has a nice folded duvet dog cushion to sleep on. Olly has his own little house. But, last night, they both decided to camp out on our bed. Notice me.. stuffed up under the gunwales. Not the best night's sleep ever.
Little Ols
Cute... while he's asleep.

You awake yet?

Sadly, there will be no lab party this year. Lesley, Joe, Floyd and Fletcher (Nb 'Yarwood') were in a hurry to get back to Thrupp for sunday. Lesley says they will be back on the river again next year. Hopefully, we will be able to bump into them then. Sorry we missed you, guys. Hope you had a nice time on the Thames.


  1. Oh what a shame you missed each others bows. I know how keen you were both to meet up too!

    For us, Goring Monday, Wallingford Tuesday, Days Wednesday, Abingdon Thursday and Oxford Friday..

    We have Vic's daughter aboard picking up at Goring tomorrow (Mon) dropping at Oxford Saturday..

    I don't want to pass without stopping..

  2. Nice one Sue. We're in the fishing holes at Wallingford.