Thursday, 10 September 2015

Beale Park

I spoke too soon. Had to carry on further than we'd anticipated, due to "the picnic posse". That will teach us to cruise in the afternoon, I suppose. Turned out for the best though, because we found Beale Park meadows completely and utterly deserted. The river is nice and wide here, with no (big assed) trip boats rocking us about. It's lovely. Hard to imagine that we are only 4 hours (at our speed) out of Reading, too. The loudest thing last night, was an owl.

Ubiquitous Geese

The Red Arrows

Oil change needed

We all love Beale Park


Good Deed for the day
Christine, the rather embarrassed owner, was very thankful to get it back. Did I mention that I'd managed to lasso it first time. With my extraordinary rope throwing skills. While both vessels were moving.  Did I ?

. Kingfisher
People often say to us "I've only ever seen one in my life". Which is a shame. It's a slow day if we don't see at least six of them. Never take them for granted though. They are beautiful.

Bimbling ~ Not a puff or ripple

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