Sunday, 20 September 2015


BBC Countryfile...

Eh up!

Ratty's House

How to get through Benson Lock
The lock keeper at Cleeve gave us this handy map, for how to negotiate the buoys at Benson lock. It reminded me of the pirate treasure maps we drew as kids, and I personally, found it confusing.

However, when it came time to negotiate it.... I...

Steamed straight through it

Waiting for Sheena to open the Gates

Hi everyone. We're upstream. Moored up next to our favourite coriander field. The location of which, will have to remain a well guarded and precious secret. Sorry.

The last week has been very nice. A mixed bag of rain on the roof in Wallingford, with a comforting fire in the evenings. Or days where the sun has been out, and bimbling upriver on tickover has been good for the soul. Stopped at all of our favourite places on the way up. Mostly, wide open meadows, where the boys can run around to their hearts content.

Sadly, we could not stop anywhere near Day's lock. Or climb the Bubs of Berkshire. But hoping to do that on the way back down.

Wallingford Meadow sunset

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