Monday, 21 September 2015

Brave Olly

Today, Olly overcame his Gephyrophobia (fear of bridges).

Not so brave Olly
He'd baulked at this one last month. Today he was offlead. We all just bimbled across, while he mustered up the courage. After he'd seen that we'd all gotten across safely, he gave a couple of woofs, pawed the ground, then went for it. With no commando crawling or apparent anxiety. On the way back, he was in front of us, and did it again without any prompting. The next one to try is Wallingford road bridge. He didn't like being able to see over the sides.

Today must have been an enormous boost to his confidence levels. He's also figured out how to clamber up the back steps and off the boat. And how to jump on the kitchen work surfaces. We are going to have to watch him.

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