Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Relaxing Upstream

Left Reading after stocking up on supplies, and headed up the river again. There's hardly any flow on at the moment, and there were about 3 other boats moving. It is all very leisurely and a marked contrast to the height of summer. Spent a couple of days at Beale park, then bimbled our way up to Wallingford. The boys, of course, don't give "a monkeys" that it's cloudy, rainy, and that the sun is not out. They're enjoying running around the meadows like idiots. And hogging the heat of the stove in the evening.


  1. Hey Ken, Sheena - I was going to message you about the Country File and Millican Dalton! - how you doing?

  2. We're all fine thanks, Graham. Nice to have Sheena along for the whole summer. Been a bit overcast and wet for a while but that's perfect Labrador weather. Very surprised that the BBC mentioned Millican' woodbines. And even showed him smoking (gasp). Quite a sympathetic piece, I thought. And nice to see the cave. Somewhat larger than I'd imagined it.