Thursday, 1 October 2015

Runsford Hole

Our view last night

Just bimbling our way slowly downstream again. Making the most of the warmth and the sunshine. The only boats that seem to be moving are the big hireboats (Le Boat, and Caversham cruisers mainly). Today, it's another pootle downstream to top up with water at Cleeve lock, then on to Beale park. Did I mention that I love the peace and quiet of this time of year? So, so precious.

We both spent years of our working lives living in London. Surrounded by nonstop traffic, petrol fumes, millions of people, and the incessant shriek of emergency sirens. Now we can go for days without being bothered by one other person. And the only noise we hear at night is the occasional hooting of an owl. it is utterly fabulous.

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