Friday, 9 October 2015


We were lucky enough to be holed up at Shiplake college while the heavy rain dumped itself down. Heaved it. Solidly. for 48 hours. Result: 3 inches of water needed hoovering out of the bilge. But, apart from that, we were fine. Tucked up, toasting our toes, with the stove lit.

As I've tried to express previously, the Thames has an entirely different and much more peaceful character at this time of year. We saw three boats moving yesterday, and everything is done at a leisurely bimbling pace. Which is why we bought a narrowboat in the first place. It's unusual to be out in a t-shirt at this time of year, too. Thermal underpants remain stowed. Quite a few locks on self service now. But we don't mind... it's all a part of the journey.

The river to ourselves

Taking on water at Shiplake

Gave us a cheery wave!
We've spotted Paul Daniels at home several times before. But this time, he was standing at his front door, taking a phone call. Very nice of him to smile and give us a wave. Hope he doesn't get flooded out this year. I have time for Paul Daniels. He realises his days in the spotlight are over, and doesn't seem to be unduly hung up about it. Unlike that plonker who lives at Sonning.

Followed us all the way down Medmenham reach
There are a couple of new 'bizarre' sculptures on the large estate here. They're about 40ft tall. I guess one would call them 'modern'. Because they seem to make no sense at all. Not entirely visible from the river. Just enough to make you go "WTF?".

Are we there yet?
The chaps have been pretty well behaved. Though Olly still takes great delight at jumping up at people he hasn't seen before. Yesterday he frightened two old folks. The words "hip replacement" flashed through my mind, but thankfully, he came back with two toots on the whistle.

Currently tucked up at Marlow, while Sheena investigates the shops. We're heading down for an overnight at Bourne End marina tonight. Our 'under the crane' mooring has been let out until the end of October, so we won't be stopping there long. The weather and river conditions are still fine, and we hope to make the most of it, until the lock closures on November 2nd.


  1. Regarding 'the plonker at Sonning' you need to read this...
    see it's not all bad news in the papers nowadays ;) LOL

  2. A gIant spoon? Bit like the man himself, then. we thought it was a tractor seat. Thanks for clearing that up. Regards.....