Wednesday, 20 July 2011

To Oxford

Sheena is in Devon for a week, and my schoolfriend Adam has come down for a jolly. Cruised up from Abingdon to Oxford and only saw a couple of boats moving. We arrived late, at around 4pm, and found the Folly bridge moorings all taken. Pootled around the back of Oxford, to the East street moorings, and found ourselves a space in front of Dave (Nb 'Chavori').

Dave & AdamLater on in the evening, Adam and Dave enjoyed a "Busk-Off", seeing who could pick the most complicated song. And Dave had us in stitches with his innovative cover version of "Runaround Sue", played in the style of the Wurzels.

Dave gave me 2Kg of Liquorice allsorts. I was pleased to be able to reciprocate, and gave him the last of our Vactan, so that he can de-rust his water tank. And a bloke who I've never seen before, wandered along the towpath with a bag of frozen meaty bones, and a claw hammer. All of the dogs on boats got one. (the clawhammer was for chipping individual bones off the big block).

Do you like Sweets?Cheers Dave! My favourite confectionery.

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