Thursday, 21 July 2011

Eynsham Meadows

Moody day on the ThamesCruised up from Oxford to Eynsham Meadows. Through an overcast day, with rain that was refreshing, rather than a miserable downpour. The result of which, was that we had all of the river virtualy to ourselves for the whole journey. All of the Lock keepers we encountered were, friendly, helpful, and chatty as usual. The keeper at Eynsham noticed our Devon pennant, and said that he used to live in Torquay. And, as if that wasn't close enough, he'd also worked in the seafood stall on Paignton seafront. What a small world.

Chuckie RingSumo revelled in the opportunity to run around like an idiot in the newly mown fields. Last time we were up here, the grass was up to our waists, and well over his head.

Amongst the TeaselMoored up (skillfully) in front of Narrowboat "Ratty", and tucked up for the evening. We all enjoyed the beautiful sunset, which hinted optimistically at a nicer day for tomorrow. When the moon came out, so did the river mist. A very peaceful and tranquil night spent under the stars, with no light pollution at all. Felt very lucky to be "out in the wild", with no discernable traffic noise.

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