Saturday, 9 July 2011

Aunt Sally

Well, the afternoon and evening turned out much better than the morning. I wandered down to have a chat with Dave (Nb 'Chavori'), and he gave us a year's supply of Basmati rice. Somebody had told him we'd "blogged him", and he was well chuffed. Roy from Wb 'Baglady' stopped by, and accused us of "all being a bunch of vagrants". Sumo then hoovered up Dave's kitchen for him.

Later on, Graham and his bro-in-law Thomas turned up and dragged me down to the "Folly Bridge" pub (dog friendly), where we drank alcohol, discussed bands, the stresses of touring, the works of Cicero, the epic rages of Klaus Kinski, Gormenghast, and the documentaries of Werner Herzog.

And, to top off the evening's entertainment, we were legally allowed to throw large wooden sticks at a small white ball, from a distance of 30 feet away. Aunt Sally is absolutely the best pub game ever invented! Tom reckoned my aim was good enough to compete in 'the local league', but our game ended quickly & quietly, when a launched stick slipped out of my hand, bounced off of the perspex roof, and nearly took out an Audi's windscreen. So glad that we didn't go to "The Head of the River", which was absolutely heaving with tourists.

Got back, and went for an evening walk with Sumo, where the colours of the sunset were indescribable. All orange and purple. The river was like a sheet of glass, and there was nobody about at all. A completely different type of Oxford experience, to the ones of this morning.

Cheers, guys!

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