Saturday, 23 July 2011

More Eynsham

Downstream, through Pinkhill Lock, to Oxford cruisers; where we filled up with diesel. We were still 3/4 full, but I wanted to top up, and avoid being ripped off and extorted further on down the river. We got 68 litres. Other liveaboard boater friends of ours, have recommended that we split it at 5/95. I agree with that figure. Why should we pay more tax than we have to, when the government is already stiffing us in numerous other ways. Who decided that the 60/40 split is "fair" ? But, when it came around to the time to declare what split I actually wanted, I bottled it. Wimped out, and went for 20/80. A figure which I believe honestly reflects our fuel consumption.

My friend Ad, also pointed out that the person doing the steering, doesn't have to shout to get themselves heard. I forget that it's quiet up at the front, because I'm standing over the engine, and he has to shout to me. So, my brain assumes it's also noisy at the far end of the boat. He was quite amused that I was bellowing at him, when normal conversational volume would have been sufficient.

Carried on down through Eynsham Lock, where we went for supplies and had lunch. Sumo got to play with an 8 month old lady lab, who wore him out. Then we turned ourselves around and headed back for the meadow, so that he could run round like an idiot. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was full of cows, the biggest Hereford bull we'd ever seen, and an enormous number of cowpats. Which I inadvertently trod in, when we were mooring up.

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