Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pinkhill Resevoir

Got woken up at 9.30am by a shiny shiny narrowboat owner reversing badly, and ramming us. BONNNNNGGG! Sumo jumped on the bed for reassurance. Mrs Shiny appeared at the back hatch, berating Mr. Shiny for his bad steering. But then they just buggered off. Cruised up to Oxford Cruisers marina to see if they'd got the fanbelts they'd ordered for me. They hadn't. They are an 'unusual' size apparently. Yep, I knew that four days ago, mate. Cheers.. Will have to find them somewhere else now. Pootled on through Pinkhill Lock and bagged us a nice mooring by the resevoir and nature reserve. A pleasant peaceful spot, where we're staying for the night..

Third time lucky. Moored at Pinkhill.Turning around and heading back for Oxford tomorrow, so we can hopefully meet up with our good friend, Graham.

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