Monday, 4 July 2011

Swinford Meadows

Another beautifully sunny summer day. We set off at lunch time, using a mooring post on the old ferry at Bablock Hythe, to turn us around without having to use the engine. Sadly, nobody saw this magnificent piece of boat handling, with which I'm sure the old working boatmen would have nodded their approval. "Aye, Lad".

Bablock Hythe Caravan ParkDown, past the caravan park, and through Pinkhill Lock.

Boats for HirePassed Oxford Cruisers boatyard.

Exotic FaunaAnd carried on down, through Eynsham Lock, where we tied up for a couple of hours, took Sumo for a walk, and chatted to a rather p1ssed-on-wine Kiwi boatowner, called Terry. He'd just been to view several £750,000 pound propeties in Eynsham village, where the 'luxury' fixtures, fittings and furnishings turned out to have been glued on, and hastily constructed. I think it was the Bordeaux talking, when he said this..

Complete Independence = Isolation
Complete Freedom = Insanity

Set off back upstream, rather later than we'd anticipated. Toot-tooted Sue & Vic (Nb 'No Problem'). And found ourselves a nice secluded mooring on Swinford Meadows. Just behind a narrowboat called 'Ratty', who's owner peeped out of his front door, just like a character from Wind in the Willows. Which made us laugh.

Sunset over EynshamTomorrow is a lazy day, we're staying put. And either, wandering down to see Sue & Vic, or walking up to Oxford Cruisers to pick up the fanbelts. Hopefully both.

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