Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ye Meadows

Another day of alternating sunshine and deluges. Go out in waterproofs, and 20 minutes later, they've turned into a sweatsuit. At lunchtime, narrowboat 'No Problem' berthed up alongside us, so we could have a chinwag and a cup of coffee (Cheers for the milk!). Sue explained how we could get Tesco's to deliver directly to our boat, and told us about a nifty boathandling manouever, which I'm looking forward to trying out. Vic kindly gave me a chimney liner and a stubby chimney, for when we lose ours at the first canal bridge we encounter. Thanks guys! Ten minutes after they'd taken off, it heaved it down with rain.

Narrowboat RallentandoSaw narrowboat 'Rallentando' (from the CWDF) cruise by. No sign of "Lady Muck", but the "Submarine Captain" was at the helm. Didn't have time to pop out and wave at them, because they looked like they were on a mission to get downstream quickly.

Pootled ourselves down to the waterpoint at Eynsham and filled up, but all the 24 hour moorings were taken, so we had to turn around and moor ourselves back upstream, then walk back into the town for supplies. Keeps us fit, anyway.

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