Saturday, 9 July 2011


Did an overnight at the East Street moorings in Oxford last night. A quiet enough place, though the towpath was floodlit like Wembley stadium all night. Witnessed the 'other side' of Oxford when I took Sumo out for his evening walk. Saw a bearded baglady, carrying all her worldy possessions around in Tesco's carrier bags. And also some dodgy dealings being conducted in the park. Bet you won't see that on "Lewis".

Set off downstream this morning, and got gobbed at by a delinquent youth with baseball cap askew, as we passed underneath a footbridge. Thankfully, he missed. The other human shapes in this photo, are his family, who said & did nothing about it..

GobberTook the south channel under Folly bridge again, and just as we were turning ourselves around, a single-handed sculler rammed into us, and fell into the water. He was obviously shocked, at the sudden dunking, and his momentum being reduced from 20mph to zero instantly. He glowered at us, and refused our offers of assistance. I'd tried dangling off of the horn, but he hadn't heard it. "Why didn't you shout?", he said. I explained (politely) that I had sounded the horn, and as we were travelling downstream, we had priority. He also hadn't looked behind him for the whole stretch. He wasn't impressed, and maintained that the collision was all our fault.

Can't see where they are going!I'm sorry mate. But you really should have been looking where you were going. The river isn't a race track.


  1. it seems your really enjoying the life,it must be good as its great just reading about it and seeing the pictures is exciting, keep it up, dad & lesleyann.

  2. nearly forgot shame about the poor sculler!!!

  3. AnonymousJuly 09, 2011

    >>shame about the poor sculler!!!

    he was alright dad. think his ego was dented more than his boat. he rowed over to have "words" with us after the event. so, no physical injuries, either.


  4. AnonymousJuly 09, 2011

    You must have moved in as we moved out.. Glad you got our space!

    Osney invites incidents I think!

    Sue NP

  5. AnonymousJuly 10, 2011

    Hi Sue.

    >>Osney invites incidents I think!

    shame. one of the friendliest lock keepers on the thames. a really nice twisty and easily navigable backwater stretch to cruise though. just that one bridge which spoils it. guess we should count ourselves lucky he didn't have any missles to lob.