Friday, 27 May 2011


Wallingford MooringWe're moored up at Wallingford, by the bridge. Goring Lock was no problem, and we've seen deeper baths than Cleeve Lock, where we reversed out onto the waterpoint, to top up our freshwater tank.

Cleeve WaterpointThen, it was a long old stretch up to Wallingford, with nowhere for us to stop enroute. Which was a bit pants. I appreciate that many places are deliberately left "wild", because of nesting birds at this time of year, but large parts of this reach looked neglected and overgrown for several years. What appeared to be promising spots when viewed from the middle of the river, were impossibly shallow when we nudged ourselves up to them.

Not exactly the most welcoming or beautiful of the reaches we've been on, so far. But it was nice and quiet, with very few boats out on it. I suppose a grey overcast day didn't add much to it's atmosphere & ambiance, either. But at least we didn't get rained on.

When I tested the fuel tank with our broomstick dipper this morning, I could see that we still have over 3/4 in there. The last time we topped up with diesel was when we left Bourne End. So the journey from there, has used approximately 20-30 litres.

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  1. I know wallingford quite well. a good friend of matildas lives there, so we used to visit quite often.

    Even camped by the river once when I did a cycle ride from Oxford to Brighton.

    you're making progress up the Thames!

  2. AnonymousMay 28, 2011

    We do feel a little bit like Sinbad and Odysseus, but looking at the map, we've only covered 20 or so miles. Henley is probably only 10 minutes away by car. LOL. It is lovely around here though, G. The thames has narrowed, but there is still plenty of room to manoeuver. We're enjoying it very much.