Friday, 20 May 2011

Cool Runnings

K&A Canal Entrance, ReadingSpent the last few days flushing oil & crud out of the cooling system. Topped up with anti-freeze today, and negoiated ourselves around the marina, with Peter (from 'Big Baloo') onboard to assist us with his voice of experience. Thankfully, the wind was in our favour, and we didn't ram anything. It felt good that we managed to achieve it without bow thrusters. Pumped out our black tank, said our goodbyes, and are currently moored up on the other side of the river, just before the K&A canal entrance.

Quite a few people have said that it's very picturesque and well worth a visit. We watched Julia Bradbury's canal walk program about it, the other day. It does look nice, but we're not going to be swayed from our destination of Lechlade. We've paid for a thames license and want to squeeze the most we possibly can out of it. It will be nice to see Sue & Vic (Nb 'No Problem') again too. Almost a year since we met them at Cookham.

Bit noisy, here by the trains. But, a free 24 hour mooring on the thames, is a thing of great beauty and joy. Sumo had to walk 1/4 of a mile down some floating pontoons to get any sniffs in the marina. Where we are now, we just have to lift him off of the boat. The people in the marina (liveaboards and staff, were all very friendly, but it's good for the soul to be back out in the wild, and independent again.

Afternoon Nap

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