Saturday, 7 May 2011


Our engine is back together again.
With no 'spare' nuts or washers.
And it's sounding sweet.


  1. hi son, glad your engine is back together and singing sweetly,when will you be off on your travels, we're fair looking forward to seeing all the rivers and canals , so don't forget to take lots of photo's, lesleyann and I are both fine and well hope you and sheena are the same

  2. this *is* our travels, Dad. Bit 'stop-start-stop', but we're gradually making our way up the thames. Once we're on top of the problems, it should be smoother sailing. Bit frustrating at times, but I still wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

  3. hi son not to worry live life at a leisurely pace and enjoy it, you'll get to where you want to be all in good time and when all the wee problems are ironed out it will all be plain sailing and fun, take care, dad & lesleyann

  4. >>when all the wee problems are ironed out it will all be plain sailing and fun

    in a perverse kind of way, even taking care of the problems is fun. but it's not too good for the relaxation levels. never thought i'd have to learn enough mechanics to be able to strip and replace a head gasket. but now it's done, the knowledge is there. let's hope i don't have to do it again. it's less stress being in a marina, and paying our way, than overstaying our welcome on somebody elses private moorings, anyway. naturally, we're both hoping to move on, as soon as possible.

    when there's something interesting to photograph, we will. no worries.

  5. I'm still jealous but will look forward to the photo's, we are in dalgety bay just over the forth from edinburgh, looking after lesleyann's grandchildren for a week mum and dad have gone to dubia, still I will be home thursday, lesleyann has to go down to pompey to see her doctors she will be going by train so take care the pair of you .