Thursday, 5 May 2011

Head Gasket

Our head gasket has blown. It's been on it's way out for a while, because we've noticed that the engine was getting progressively harder to start. On the case, and carrying out riverside repairs. It only took us an hour to get the head off.

Bit of a PITA.
But not the end of the world.


  1. Hi ken & sheena you seem to be getting all the problems in one go but dont worry you'll soon get to the end of them and life will return to peace and tranquility, keep up the blog although it is making me a bit jealous, oh to be messing about on the river. dad & lesleyann

  2. Hi Dad. Could have been a lot worse. Could have happened where there weren't any narrowboaters with loads of tools about. so we're counting our blessings. Once it's done... it's done. Then, as you say, we can get back to the relaxation. Much quieter on the river now the bank holiday hordes have gone. Hope things are good with you and Lesleyann.

  3. HI son, aye everything is fine with us and I see that you have fixed your engine so I take it that things are fine with you, when are you thinking of going off on your travels, I'm fair looking forward to seeing all the places along the rivers and canals, so dont forget to take plenty pictures, dad & lesleyann.

  4. we have to be careful waving the camera about, because neither of us wants to be the one who drops it in the water. So far we've been lucky, and nothing has gone overboard, not even ourselves. Let's hope that continues. :)