Sunday, 15 May 2011


Knackered Pumpah. Spoke too soon. The engine was indeed, sounding sweet. But after a couple of hours, the lift pump was piddling diesel into the sump tray, and also needed replacing. Bukh wanted £107 for a replacement unit, but Chas (nb 'Long White Cloud') found us one in Birmingham for £20, including postage. Thanks Chas!

We shoved off from Sonning yesterday, and went down to Shiplake lock, to look for containers big enough to hold the 5-6 gallons of oily muck (contaminated cooling water) that we need to dispose of. No Joy. So we limped back upstream with our deckboards up, and a boiling hot engine. Luckily, we got ourselves a temporary visitors mooring at the Thames & Kennet marina in Reading. Where we're 5 berths away from Peter and Wb 'Big Baloo'.

Sheena says it reminds her of a tesco's car park. Getting into our berth took some nifty manoeuvering around some tight right angle bends. But, thankfully, we didn't ram anything, and the nice couple from Wb 'Laura Belle' (our neighbours) helped us to tie up. First impressions of the place, was that it was "massive", and "soulless". But, all the boat owners I've met so far, have been very friendly and helpful.

At least we made it past Henley, which is where people normally break down.

Like a Tesco carparkSonning Lock
Thames & Kennet Marina


  1. We will be at Bourne End tomorrow I think, where are you?


  2. Hi Sue. Hi Vic.

    We're still at Reading marina, flushing out our cooling system. Eventual destination: Lechlade (like yourselves, i notice).

    Aiming to be out in the wild again by the weekend. Hopefully we'll bump into you somewhere along the way. If you do stop at
    Bourne End for services, please say hello to the crew from us. But we won't be going back there for a year or two.