Sunday, 29 May 2011


Overgrown, Neglected, & nowhere to stopWe saw lots and lots of this today. 11.75 miles of it! With a strong wind in our face all the way, and no place to stop that didn't already have a boat on it. Bank holiday weekend not a good time to be going upstream.

We travelled through three locks today, Benson Lock, Days Lock and Clifton Lock. None of which were particularly thrilling with an overcast grey sky and a blustery wind blowing us about. But we got through them all OK, without bumping into anyone or damaging anything.

Forest TrailEventually rewarded with some evening sunshine, and a nice spot to stop just before Sutton bridge and Culham Lock. Good sniffs for Sumo, who hadn't had a chance to get off the boat all day.

Moored by Sutton BridgeTucked up for the night. Knackered.

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