Tuesday, 24 May 2011


The cruise from Reading up to Mapledurham was very nice. Arrived at the lock after hours, did it ourselves, and had no major problems with it. Unfortunately, the public moorings across the river are so shallow, you'd have trouble tieing a canoe up on them. They're in desperate need of a dredging, and the closest we could get to shore, was about 8 feet. Longer than our plank would reach. So we had to sneak in on somebody's private mooring for an overnighter. The owner of the 'African Queen' hotel boat didn't seem terribly happy about that. But needs must when the flip flops.

Pangbourne Meadow, the next free place to stop is "just around the next bend" according to the map. But, not knowing the river, we weren't sure if we could make it before nightfall. We're hoping to set off at "stupid 'o' clock" before the owner of the mooring turns up, and starts jumping up and down apoplectically. Shame, as we would have liked a wander around the village (used for the film "The Eagle has Landed").

Sheena at the controlsdogma in Mapledurham lockLock signMapledurham Lock wiki
African Queen hotel boat

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