Thursday, 27 September 2012

Shiny Shiny

A panoramic view of the reach just below the bridge. There is a very lively flow on it at the moment, which is causing some nasty problems for boats trying to navigate upstream.

Chas drove me to Uxbridge, so that I could look at an actual canal. And visit the chandlery there. Purchased far too much. Items included a length of flue pipe, so that we could redo our chimney. Stove Rope. A kickstarter spring module for our toilet. And some shiny new black plastic bag fenders. Our old rope ones were rotten. Falling apart, limp, and beyond repair. Got a test bag of Supertherm smokeless coal too. Which so far, we've been very impressed with. It's cheaper than Taybrite. It gives off nice heat, and burns with an attractive flame. Each oval seems to last longer, too. Thumbs up!

Thanks for the chimney, Sue & Vic. It's come in really handy. We've finally invested in a chinaman's hat, too.


  1. Cheers Sue. I have not stuck it on with fire cement this time. :). Draws lovely. Much appreciated.