Thursday, 4 October 2012


It's our 30th wedding anniversary today. We are at Mile End, E3. Refurbishing our house for some new tenants. Took Sumo for a wander along the towpath, so we could experience the sights, sounds and sniffs of a proper city canal.

Surprisingly few boats were actually licensed.


Oh, how lovely.

Hmmm... Nice.

The next time we get badgered to check out a canal with our boat, I think I will wheel out this photograph. I do appreciate they're not all like this, but for the east end of london, I find this quite sad. Understandable when it was all run down and derelict (20 or so years ago, when we lived here). But a lot of money has been spent on developing the bankside. Several office workers were eating their lunch beside this 'charming vista'. And it honked. Badly.

Mile End Lock.

The 7th century dogma has a problem with black dogs. :)


  1. happy aniversary to you both,don't like the look of the canal,love dad & lesleyann

  2. happy birthday sheena hope you have a good one love Dad & lesleyann xx

  3. Big congratulations to you :)

  4. Thanks. We are pretty chuffed with ourselves too. :)