Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Winter is Here

Bisham Abbey
Arrived safely at Bourne End Marina this lunchtime. No dramas today. Not for me, anyway. I felt sorry for the female sculler who overbalanced and fell in. I turned around, and offered assistance, but she didn't want any. A long soggy row back to the scout base at Longridge. Told her to get warm and dry as soon as possible, then raced the angry black clouds down the Bourne End reach, before I got rained on.

Boatwise, things went well today. It was very windy, and getting the bow out into the stream first thing this morning was a bit tricky. But, I managed it. Slowly made my way down through Marlow, checking the temperature gauge all the way. Everything fine there. Tied up on the Marlow lock layby, while a hireboat made it's way through. Did not get sucked into the weir. And I got into the lock and out, without ramming anything. Good news all round, really.

It's currently heaving with rain, and the wind is whistling around like the inside of Captain Scott's tent. But I am glad to be here. I don't have to travel anywhere tomorrow. Or do anything at all. Which is quite a relaxing feeling. :)

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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