Saturday, 27 October 2012

Goodbye London

Sorry for the lack of photos and updates this month. I have had a paintbrush in my hand for most of it. Phone has remained safely in buttoned overall pocket, so that nothing unfortunate happened it. Several friends of ours have dropped them into paint tins. But no, not me.

Heading back to the boat tomorrow, and moving off down to Bourne End before the winter lock closures, and the remnants of the Atlantic hurricane batter us (or dump more rain). We have overstayed our welcome on the Great House moorings, but they have been pretty gracious about it. Nothing more than a polite note asking us to move on, stuck to the window. Bit embarrassed about taking the mick like that, but family pressures dictated that was what we had to do.

Let's hope my faith in Danish engineering isn't misplaced. Because the engine hasn't been run for a month.

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