Sunday, 28 October 2012


After being in a centrally heated house for nearly a month, waking up at 6am with chilly toes was a bit of a shock to the system. I think Sumo was cold too, because he was huddled up into a tiny ball between my legs. A bit of a gray, damp and pizzly start to the day. But, fortified by triple espressos I set off downstream..

The river wasn't flowing very fast, apart from Shiplake weir, which did it's best to try and suck us in. Bounced off the "this way to the lock" sign. But thankfully, it was made of plastic, and bent without scratching any of my paintwork. After that, getting through Shiplake lock singledhanded wasn't a problem.

The reach down to Wargrave was like a pond..

Stopped at the Wargrave moorings, so that Sumo could stretch his legs. The EA patrol boat was out checking people's licenses. Ben's purple and blue boat got a ticket for not having one. Nice to hear that they will be organising a "collection sweep" to clear up the rubbish that had been strewn about there.

Aha! Definitely saw Paul Daniels's little bald head sitting at his breakfast table! I waved at him. But he did not wave back at me. :)

This came steaming past me at Wargrave.

Tucked up safely for the night. Heading down to Henley to top up supplies, tomorrow. Saw a few boats moving today, but the river is not exactly busy.

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