Monday, 29 October 2012

Henley Again

It rained all of last night, but the short trip down to Henley was quite pleasant in the morning sunshine. This was the view that greeted me from the back door this morning..

The keeper at Marsh lock saw me coming and opened the gates, so that I wouldn't have to tie up on the layby. Cheers! Out on the other side of the lock, the weirstream was quite fierce, and bobbed me about like I was on the North sea. But it was more entertaining, than worrying or frightening. A person with 'learning difficulties' gave me a salute as I was leaving, so I snapped to attention and gave him one back. Which made him smile.

Completely cocked up my first attempt at coming alongside on the park moorings. Dropped the center line in the water. The bow swung out in the current. And, the stern was too far out for me to jump to the shore.. Sigh... Tried a bit further along for my second attempt, and everything went much more smoothly.

Unfortunately, now I'm currently moored up opposite our least favourite person on the whole of the Thames. I guess there's nobody downriver for him to go out and fleece today.

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